Power of Consistency: Introduction

Editorial Note:

Power of Consistency: This is NOT a Motivational Video

We believe that consistency is an ultimate manifestation of will power and discipline. Consistent effort trumps talent, skills or opportunities given at birth. If you want to be successful at saving money or pretty much anything in life you have to appreciate the power of consistency.


  1. What is consistency? Why is it important to be consistent?
  2. Advice from a successful CEO of a billion-dollar company.
  3. Two books about the importance of consistency.
  4. Three simple real-life examples of the power of consistency.

Lesson 1: Time Value of Money: Introduction.
Lesson 2: Power of Compound Interest: Introduction.
Lesson 3: Consistency: Real-Life Methods to Use in 2019.
Lesson 5: True Cost of Car Ownership in 2019.

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