Compound Interest: Introduction

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Power of Compound Interest

In this video, we are taking a look at what the compound interest is and how important it is during a longer timeline.


  1. What is Compound Interest?
  2. Big Difference: Simple Interest vs. Compound Interest.
  3. Compound Interest Formula.
  4. Importance of Compounding Period.
  5. Questions to Ponder.

We encourage you to look at the difference in savings if you start now vs in 10 years.

You can use our retirement calculator to just that: Retirement Calculator.

If you are trying to pay off your debt, you can use our calculator to see how much money you will save by either getting a lower APR or paying it off in larger chunks: Advanced Loan Calculator.

Lesson 1: Time Value of Money: Introduction.
Lesson 3: Power of Consistency: Introduction.
Lesson 4: Consistency: Real-Life Methods to Use in 2019.
Lesson 5: True Cost of Car Ownership in 2019.

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