When to Refinance

When Refinancing Makes Sense

One good thing about having expensive debt is the possibility of converting your current loans to a better one. While refinancing may potentially save you money, it can backfire if done incorrectly. Knowing how, and when, to refinance is just as important as refinancing itself. How Refinancing Works Refinancing is substituting an existing loan with Read more

Home Insurance

Homeowners Insurance: What It Is and How It Works

Homeowners insurance has suffered from the unfortunate misconception that it is a luxury reserved for the rich. The truth is it’s a necessity that we should all make space for in our budget. Should your home be damaged, home insurance can restore it. If your possessions are stolen or destroyed, homeowners insurance may be able Read more

Mortgage Questions and Answers

Mortgage Questions & Answers

I. General Information Questions 1. What is a mortgage, and how does it work? A mortgage is money borrowed from a financial institution (like a bank, or online lender) to buy a home. Like most other loans, you will need to secure it with collateral. For a mortgage, this is the home that is purchased. Read more

Should I Buy a Home

Home Buyers Guide

Buying a Home: Is It Right for Everyone? Buying a home is one of the biggest purchases you will ever make. It’s part of the American dream and a ritual of becoming a “real” adult. With so many expectations, it’s easy to see that the act of purchasing a home is not just a financial Read more