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Credit Report Errors

Remove Negative Information From Your Credit Report Wisely

Negative information is never good. On your credit report, it’s even worse. Lenders see it as a legitimate reason to give you a credit card or loan with a higher interest rate. As a result, you’ll end up paying more for using their credit. When you remove negative information from your credit report, you will Read more

Build Credit History

Full Guide to FICO Score Calculating

You’ve probably heard about your FICO score (also known as your credit score). Banks use it; credit card companies use it; sometimes even your landlord and employer may use it. It’s a pretty important number. We may not have the exact method to calculate it, but you can get a pretty fair estimate of where Read more

Good Credit Score Saves Money

6 Realistic Ways a Good Credit Score Saves Money

It’s possible to go through life with bad credit. The problem is that it makes life expensive and difficult. If you prefer to be less stressed, then you should have and maintain a good credit score for future use. A good credit score saves money and offers many financial perks that just make life better. Read more

Three Credit Bureaus

The Largest 3 Credit Bureaus: How They Work

A credit bureau, also known as a credit reporting agency, stores, compiles and evaluates your credit history. Credit bureaus hold information about your payment patterns, balances owed, and how you apply for, use and maintain credit. When a company with a legitimate reason enquires about your credit, the credit bureau will sell them a report. Read more

Check Credit Score

Ways to Monitor Your Credit Score Effectively: a Guide

Let us introduce our friend Joe. Joe thinks that just because he has good credit habits today his credit is fine. He doesn’t monitor his credit score as often as he should. Unless he’s applying for a credit card or a loan, he thinks those three digits aren’t important. Unfortunately, when his credit application is Read more

Build Credit History

What Affects Your Credit Score: the Biggest Factors

Name one thing that affects your finances, your ability to rent an apartment, your car insurance, and your future job? If you said your credit score, you’d be right. Your credit score is critical if you want credit cards, a loan, or a mortgage. It is just as important in determining where you live and Read more

Paying off Debt

Know How To Pay Off Debt To Improve Credit Score

One of the most significant factors of any financial situation is debt. Debt can be broken down into whether you have it; how much you have; and what kind you’re carrying. Each of these influences your credit score in different ways. Understanding how debt affects your credit score can guide your actions to simultaneously improve Read more

Credit History

The Right Way To Remove Late Payments From Your Credit Report

Late payments on your credit report can have a knock-on effect when you next apply for a credit loan. Credit scores are there to show whether or not you can meet your payments on time, so it is only natural that if you have late payments in the past it will bring down your credit Read more

Credit Report Errors

Disputing Credit Report Errors: Do It the Right Way

Credit report errors can cause further problems and delays when obtaining credit in the future. You may notice a small mistake on your report but don’t hesitate to have it corrected straight away. If you choose to ignore these mistakes you can run into bigger difficulties in the application process for a new credit card Read more