No Annual Fee First Year

No-Fee Credit Cards: What are They?

You’ve probably heard about “no-fee credit cards” on the television or from ads on the internet. If you’re not sure what exactly they are, it’s okay. We’ve put together this article to help you understand these types of cards. What Is an Annual Fee? An annual fee is a very common charge that credit cards Read more

Secured Credit Cards

Denied a Secured Credit Card? Here’s What You Should Do Step by Step

The credit card issuer has denied your application for a secured credit card. It’s shocking, it’s embarrassing and you still don’t have a card. Don’t panic. We’ve created some tips on what you should do if you’re denied a secured credit card. First, Find Out WHY You Were Denied a Secured Credit Card You have Read more

Benefits and Drawbacks of Secured Credit Cards

Important Benefits and Drawbacks of a Secured Credit Card

Congratulations! You’ve made the decision to improve your credit score! This is a great step toward taking control of your financial situation. The best way we can support your efforts is by providing accurate information to help your decision-making process. In this article, we’ll talk about the benefits and drawbacks of using a secured credit Read more

How Secured Cards Work

How Secured Credit Cards Work: Full Guide

Last Updated: May 29,2020 Here’s a paradox for you. You want to get a credit card to build good credit, but you need good credit to get a credit card. So, how exactly are you supposed to pull this off? The best option is using a secured credit card. What Are Secured Credit Cards? A Read more

Balance Transfer Credit Card

Choosing a Balance Transfer Credit Card: Things to Keep in Mind

A balance transfer credit card is a low APR card that allows you to transfer high-interest credit card debt onto a new card. This can help save you money on interest, pay off your debt faster and lower your monthly payments. There are a number of important features of balance transfer credit cards. Depending on your Read more

How to Pay off Debt with Balance Transfers

Balance Transfers: How They Help to Pay off Debt

Paying off debts can be expensive. Fortunately, one tool can make this process cheaper. This is a balance transfer. Balance transfers allow you to consolidate your credit card debt onto a new card. A good balance transfer card will have a zero or near-zero interest rate for balance transfers during a certain period. By transferring Read more

Pros and Cons of Balance Transfer Cards

Credit Card Balance Transfers: Benefits and Drawbacks

Does saving money while in debt seem fantastic? For the majority of people, it is. Others, who invest their time in researching credit card balance transfers, may benefit from the deal. Banks and credit card issuers use the balance transfer trick to attract new clients. They offer you to transfer your debt to a new Read more